Sunday, July 9, 2017

Goals for the Month - July 2017

Alright, its already 2 am in the clock but I am not sleepy at all. Cool songs are going on radio and it's perfect time to jot down the goals.

I am in happy mood thanks to these cool songs and hence going to make happiness first priority on my monthly goals...

  • Record  -- This was done last month without any plan and it was good. So this time planning for it. This time that will be for myself... I love myself you know... I am dating myself.... I take myself out for lunch/dinner/tea/snacks/coffee and outing so... I deserve a song for myself this time.... :)

  • Leisure -- Stress will be allover this month... Well, it will trouble me only if I mind... Let's just laugh out the things....
  • Salon and Spa --Well, salon budget is going to blow this month I guess... At the time of writing this goals, I have already visited salon several times in this month. Today also I had a "look good for" visit. God, please take care of these expenses... Salon prices are going to be up because of GST. I need to find some new gig to finance salon expenses now.

  • Weekends -- One monsoon picnic is planned this month with family... I had already bought tickets of the resort... I plan to drive. If possible, one solo trip as well... which seems impossible this month given my weekends are busy with work. I was super busy today and 3 meetings lined up already for tomorrow.

  • Lunch/ Dinner Date : I will have minimum of 6 Lunch/dinner/snacks dates with myself. Seriously this is badly needed.
  • Read and Review -- This takes time process wise so now after bit experience I need to estimate this carefully. Now I know, it is going to take time anyhow so will plan accordingly. 2 book reviews... (approved).

  • Writing: I am again making writing as my priority. Its such a stress buster. I will be spending much time reading+writing. I want to write whatever I have in my drafts, bookmarks and mind since long. Let the posts be flooded to my technical blog. Minimum 5 posts to technical blog after today and a full length technical article. Six months review for annual goals as well... 

  • Shopping : No shopping for myself... only essential things for home and son will be bought this month. Wait... my anklet is pending... Okay fine... anklet shopping.

  • Cooking :  Kids friendly cooking. At the evening time, if I get call, my coworkers know... caller would be my son and will ask for some food item.... Mother... I love you so much... I love Jilebis too... I love gulab jamuns too...kaju katli... and what not... and obviously like any good mother I prefer only my cooked food for him... so I make jilebis, gulab jamuns etc for him. He has seen my chocolates mould and now keeps asking me to make chocolates... No baby... I am not gonna fall for are not getting chocolates...

  • Health :
  • Diet -- I am having "feeling" that my healthy diet has derailed... and this might affect my hair...I don't want hair fall now... So healthy diet... 2 salads, one fruit, one glass milk daily minimum... milk obviously not for all days* and adjust dinner time... I am feeling hungry late in the night... (At the time of writing this also I am feeling too hungry now... what do I eat now...)

  • Drinking 5 liters of Water daily -- Continue with this.

  • Drinking Milk Daily -- Continue with this.
    • Walking 30 minutes --  Continue with this.
    • Plank -- 20 days minimum.

    • Work -- I have a client who is leaving this month forever. It was long association and good money too. It won't be there now. So, need to find something else to fill up that space. WORK  this on PRIORITY. Have few ideas... have to figure out and work accordingly to get success.

    • PDUs-- I am not planning for any of it actually this month. So, even couple of PDUs will be okay for this month. That I can actually get by attending chapter's meeting and business lunch/dinner whatever is planned for this month.

    • Tax planning -- ELSS, automatic payments, income tax return.

    • Chanting 108 mantras for 20 days -- This is going okay these days so I think I will be able to achieve this easily.

    • Car Driving -- Get servicing done and continue with practice. Drive to Monson trip.

    • Hobby : Create something cool

    At the time of writing these goals I am actually little (very little) bit worried but confident too. I am not fearing even for a second. I know, God is with me.. I know, we will do it. I think I am getting close to what I want.... how part of it... I was figuring out... I think clouds are clearing now... I am able to see the sunshine... Again, it's a risk... but that's how we enjoy our life, right? by risking everything... Let's see what happens... I know, whatever God does, its all for good in the end.


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